WordPress Features That Enhance The SEO-Friendliness Of The CMS

For running a successful SEO campaign, you need the right SEO strategies and a good website that supports the campaign very well. How well the site could support SEO depends on the choice of CMS for building the website. The choice of CMS contributes to the features and functionalities of the website and determines how much it is capable of supporting SEO. While almost all CMS claim SEO friendliness of their platforms, the WordPress platform perhaps, outrank others in this respect. Therefore, it will not be an exaggeration to say that WordPress websites are highly SEO friendly. By creating sites on the WordPress platform, you become sure that the characteristics and functionality of the website will be highly conducive to supporting whatever optimisation technique you adopt for SEO Sunshine Coast. It lends more support to SEO than any other CMS can.

Wordpress Features That Enhance The SEO-Friendliness Of The CMS

WordPress websites have inbuilt features that drive good traffic to sites, and you can enhance it many times by using suitable plugins. WordPress not only support SEO but easy to set up, highly flexible and users do not have to know codes for using it. The high degree of user-friendliness of WordPress websites is truly unmatched. WordPress websites will not only meet your SEO expectations, but there would be times when you might feel that there is more to it for exploring.  Once you start using WordPress, its user-friendliness will make you addicted to it. In this article, we will go through some WordPress features that make it stand out from the rest.

Adequate text on home pages

The homepage is at the centre of attraction of websites because it contains the spirit and mind of the site. By going through the home page, viewers can assess the business offerings in a nutshell that give reasons for liking it. The most important first impression occurs when viewers engage with the home page, and it paves the way for staying connected to the website and getting closer to it. To convey the necessary information about the business and products you have to use sufficient amount of textual content on the home page and the website template or theme you choose must accommodate it nicely.

WordPress themes have adequate space for text on the homepage that allows you to convey your message to viewers in a convincing manner. Most content management systems fall short of this ability. Even if they accommodate large text, you will face the problem of content duplication. To remove duplicates you have to use codes that do not happen in case of WordPress.

WordPress websites load faster

Websites have to be fast loading so that viewers and search engines like it in the same way. Faster sites lead to improved viewer experience, and since Google uses website speed as a factor in search rankings, WordPress websites are the top choice for enhanced SEO performance. The speed of the website is fast enough in the standard configuration, and there are plugins available that you can use to make websites speedier. Pick a high-quality WordPress theme, stick to the best practices by following the Google guidelines and choose a good hosting service that would ensure quick page opening that impresses viewers and improves search rankings.

Create highly secured websites

As the internet keeps gaining popularity the threat of cyber attacks and mischievous and malicious activities are on the rise. By creating sites on WordPress, you can stay well protected from the risks. Not only can you build high-quality websites with WordPress but you also enjoy the excellent security features imparted to it for protecting it from possible attacks by hackers and other dangerous entities. On detecting any potential vulnerability, the system automatically sends out a signal that triggers a security update that helps to prevent security breaches. You can strengthen the security further by using suitable plugins.

Integrate with the social media

Just depending on SEO would considerably limit the online marketing prospects that you can widen almost endlessly by integrating your website with the social media platform. WordPress websites have features that enable it to integrate with various social channels that help to increase visibility and drive more traffic to the site. Although the social media signals do not have any impact on search results, search engines closely monitor the social media campaign to assess the popularity and worth of the website. The extent of social sharing indicates the quality of the site that does not escape the attention of search engines. Once your website attracts search engines, rankings would automatically go up.

WordPress is for everyone, from the nonprofessional to the computer expert, because everyone can use it with ease, as it does not require the knowledge of codes. The simplistic ways of using WordPress adds to its attraction while the SEO friendly features make it the best choice for marketers.

Author bio: Richard Ellsworth is an SEO professional who has long experience of working with companies like SEO Sunshine Coast. Having completed several WordPress based SEO projects; he understands a thing or two about the CMS that he shares through his writings. Richard loves web development also.

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