Apple Celebrates With a New Line of Devices This September

If it is September, then there is surely a bigger, better and trendy gadget about to come your way. The gadget in question is the improved iPhone, which is set to be launched this September. On 9th September, a press session will be conveyed in which the new phone will be launched. The phone is expected to hit the markets laterin September.

Other than the eagerly awaited iPhone, there will be two other gadgets which will be launched. These are a new updated iPad, and a health device which is wearable. The wearable device may be lessof a smartwatch and more like a Jawbone Upor Fitbit. With the demand for iPhones increasing day by day, around 10 million of theses phones may get sold during the opening weekend itself. The previous iPhone 5s and 5c had sold around 9 million phones.

The new phone is likely to have some improved features, like a screen size of 4.7-inch (or higher) which is larger than the current screen size of 4 inches that comes with the iPhone 5s and 5c. This will beĀ  a direct competition to the Samsung Galaxy range of phones, which have a screen size of 5-inch and LG G3 which has a screen size of 5.5-inch. There was a rumor that Apple would be introducing phones with screen sizes of 5.5-inches as well but this could not be substantiated.

However, that is likely not going to happen because according to Tim Bajarin, who is an Apple analyst from Creative Strategies, America is not yet ready for these “Phablets” or larger smart phones. The new iPhone has a screen that is scratch-proof. The current A7 processor is being replaced with an A8 processor and the battery life is also expected to improve a little.

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