Chinese New Year 2018: The Year Of Dog Commences On February 16

Chinese New Year, which is also referred as the Lunar New Year and the Spring Festival, is among the most celebrated proceedings around the world. The date of festival differs every year. The 2018 Chinese New Year will commence on February 16, Friday and these celebrations can last as long as for 2 Weeks. The worldwide celebrations are a blast of sound and light, comprising lighting firecrackers, bell ringing, and seeing traditional lion dances.

Chinese New Year 2018

On this occasion, families and friends come together for dinner and clean their homes to sweep away their bad fortune. The year 2018 is the Year of the Dog. The Chinese zodiac shifts in a 12-year cycle and people born in 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, and 1958 are also called as Dogs.

As per the Asian astrology, the birth year and the animal its presents decides a lot about one’s personality traits. Tale has it that, in the ancient times, the Jade Emperor commanded that animals will be part of the almanac and that the 12 who turned up first should be chosen.

In those days, the rat and the cat were good friends. After hearing about it, the cat mentioned to the rat that “We should get there early on to sign up, however, I generally wake up late.” Then the rat gave word to wake up his friend so they can go jointly but, as he was so keyed up, forgot and departed alone.

On his route, the rat met the horse, ox, tiger, and other animals who all were much quicker than him. Then he came up with a plan and swayed the ox to take the rat on his back, given that he would sing throughout the ride.

The ox turned up first; however, the rat tiptoed in his front and became the foremost lucky animal. And by the instance the cat came, the selection was completed, due to which the cat disgusts the rat and thus, will always attempt to hunt and kill him.

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