Discussing The Basic Differences Between Innerspring And Memory Foam Mattresses

Before shopping for mattresses, you need to understand the different types available at the stores. It is not that all the bedding options you see in the market offer your body a superior quality firm touch and support. While there are soft ones, hard beds are also present. Each of these mattresses comes with some pros and cons. Let’s try to compare the two most common variants of mattresses available in the stores and learn about their pros and cons:

Discussing The Basic Differences Between Innerspring And Memory Foam Mattresses

Innerspring Mattresses

Probably, the most common type of mattress you would ever find in a store, they feature steel coil support systems attached to their core for providing a bouncy effect and making them last longer. These mattresses are often regarded as the pioneers of the modern bedding systems. The springs present at the inner part of these mattresses are covered with different types of padding materials or upholstery to provide the best sleeping experience.


These mattresses are widely available in the market in different designs and sizes. They are available in different ranges of pricing options and also vary in terms of firmness, as well as, pillow top fluffiness. The presence of coil system internally helps in better air circulation, thus keeping the mattress cooler than most of the other variants available in the market.


Although the comfort level is there, these mattresses never provide the best support to the entire body. It is important to note that comfort and body support would not be experienced by the sleeper, if the springs and cushions are not evenly balanced. For more info on types available consult an expert.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Also known as viscoelastic foam beds, the memory foam mattresses have the special ability for adapting to the body of the sleeper while ensuring the weight is evenly distributed throughout the bed. It is a premium bedding option to consider, if you have aching joints, morning pains, or are suffering from insomnia.


If you compare with innerspring mattresses, these bedding options allow a warm sleeping experience and better support to the body. These mattresses offer an enhanced air circulation and also promise to be resistant to bed bugs, bacteria, dust mites, and molds.


At times, sleepers may have a problem with the temperature shifting aspect caused by these mattresses. There may also be the least bouncy effect when compared to the innerspring options. They may be more expensive than the innerspring mattresses.

Whatever option you pick, always make sure that the mattress provides optimum support to your body and promotes better sleep. It is not about the exterior comfort feel that matters; you need to make sure that the bed provides protection and support to your body while you enjoy a sound and uninterrupted sleep.

Author Bio – Pavel Guerra works with a leading interior designing firm for the last 20 years. He also designs beds and mattresses, as per client requirements. You can reach his Twitter handles to have more info on types available when it comes to bedding options.

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