Which Mattress Should You Buy? A Quick List Of The Different Types

Buying a mattress is a significant investment, and everyone seeks an attractive deal for them. However, proper knowledge about different types of beds is insufficient among the masses, and on the other hand, knowledge about different types of mattresses in the market can certainly help one greatly in fulfilling the specific requirements and needs of an individual.

Which Mattress Should You Buy? A Quick List Of The Different Types

Did your sleep last night include golden slumbers? The problem might be with your mattress! It might be the time for you to change them! However, before the shopping spree begins, let us present before you the best category of mattresses present in the market. Proper knowledge about them will help you to drive your own shopping process and not the salesmen.

Types of mattresses

Gel mattress

It is a popular innovation in the industry of sleeping accessories. This variety of mattresses use foams containing different types of gels in the product’s support system, in upholstery layers and both. Apart from being more comfortable, gel foams dissipate heat more efficiently thus providing more relaxed sleep.

Memory foam mattress

This mattress is among the most vibrant trends in the market. Along with providing excellent support and comfort by the induction of side-sleepers, memory foam is a trendy choice. According to the definition, it uses high-density polyurethane and is viscoelastic in the material. According to the name, it conforms to the user’s body shape and thus, evenly supports his/ her body weight. By using it with an adjustable bed, it is flexed very easily to match the contour of the base.

Innerspring mattresses

The traditional mattresses were innerspring ones. They use metal coil support system. It is pretty much likely that one’s previous generations might have slept on it for a more significant duration of their lives. Before the development of foam type mattresses, it was the trend mattress. However, Innersprings have a significant loophole. They do not work efficiently with the adjustable base as well as reclining bed. Moreover, they are known to produce painful joints. However, in spite of that, its presence in the market is attributed to its being reasonably cheap.

Latex Mattress

This type of mattress uses latex foam as a support base and in the upholstery layers as well. It is manufactured from petroleum-based products and natural products. It contains 100% foam, and just like memory foams, they are also useful in preventing joint pains. Because they are more rigid and thinner in breadth, they can be used with the adjustable base.

Airbed mattress

Mattresses of these kinds use air as their support base. It is built up with air chambers and also padded with fiber and foam upholstery. The air chambers are adjustable in the parameters of firmness and shape. Some firms even provide you option to adjust every side of mattress separately. It is best recommended for couples with different requirements and back sleepers. Mattress insider is a web forum which houses many mattress ratings which help the viewers to get more insight into it.

With knowledge of such types of mattresses, one can head for buying a quality mattress and breaking the best deal in the market.

Author Bio: Ben Billing is an accomplished scientist and materials engineer based in the USA and has pioneered various studies in the field of sleep accessories. He provides courses in many reputable universities around the world and writes for several magazines frequently. He has shared the importance of mattress ratings with the readers and even asked them to check it out properly before going to shop for the product.

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