Do The Rules Of Web Design Apply To Instagram Marketing? Here’s What You Should Know!

Instagram is a great marketing platform for your business, and it is known to reach out to over 700 million registered users who are looking for you. Instagram is a visual platform, and so it works well if you are the owner of an e-commerce website or sell products in the market. This platform is a mobile app that can be downloaded easily on your smartphone. You may upload pictures easily and edit them when you are on the move. When it comes to Instagram, you must ensure that you have a good layout of product photos and images. They will help you to get in touch with your targeted audience and reach out to them positively.

Web Design Apply To Instagram Marketing

Web design and its importance for Instagram

Web design goes the extra mile when it comes to making your Instagram page catch the attention of the public. Web designers now work with Instagram pages to help their clients catch public attention. They deploy various ways to catch the attention of their targeted audience. If you have an Instagram page and wish to market your products effectively to the desired audience, you must choose a theme that blends well with the products you offer. The current products and the theme of your Instagram page should blend well. This unifies the integration and helps you in a large way to market your home page and get Instagram followers in return.

The hashtag feed is becoming quite popular for Instagram marketing of your products, and here the web designer can integrate your Twitter feeds with a single hashtag. The hashtag feed also encourages people to contribute content so that there is a lot of consumer involvement. This customer involvement is becoming popular for brands everywhere, and Instagram will help you to engage customers for your business with success.

Images are essential for your Instagram page, and so here it is imperative for you to ensure that they are placed together without any clutter. You want your visitor to have a very good user experience. If you place the photos together without clutter, you will get better customer response. Talk to your web designer and ensure that the images you place on your Instagram page have high resolution and are free from clutter.

Another right way of integrating Instagram and web design is by badges. You can create an Instagram badge and add it to your website. When visitors visit your site, they will get your Instagram badge that will prompt them to visit the page. Always insert a call to action with your images so that your customer starts to buy products when he or she visits the page.

There are many social media platforms like Instagram that are being integrated with web design. This gesture will mainly help you to increase followers on your Instagram page and increase sales. It is vital for you to always rely on excellent and experienced web designers for your business to increase sales and attract the targeted audience for your brand.

Author Bio: Trevor Gray is a social media analyst and manager who helps clients increase their Instagram followers and get more sales and better competitive edge for their business.

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