How Do You Create Instagram Stories For Creative Social Media Marketing Of Your Brand?

If you are new to Instagram, you will find that there are several features to help you market your brand online. Instagram is a unique mobile application that can be installed on any smartphone and used to promote and market your business with success. Now, the question is when you have just started to use Instagram, how can you create an Instagram Story and reach out to your targeted audience with success?

How Do You Create Instagram Stories For Creative Social Media Marketing Of Your Bran

Instagram Stories- Use them to market your brand

Instagram Stories are everywhere, and they are popular because they are online for just 24 hours and feature at the top of the news feed of your followers. When it comes to Instagram Stories, followers are encouraged to share them as soon as possible as they will disappear from your Page. Moreover, all the content that you post on Instagram is saved and kept on your Page. However, when you are using Instagram Stories, you can instantly update images and share them without paying too much attention to quality. They can be used for grabbing the attention of the targeted audience and reaching out to them with a new product.

Steps to use Instagram Stories- how do you create a Story

In the recent years, you will find that Instagram Stories are dominating the market and they can be used for both your personal and business profile pages. If you check Instagram, you will find there is an arrow on the top left side of your business profile page. This is where you can create your Instagram Story by doing the following

  • Click on the arrow
  • Tap the circle on the bottom of your screen to record a video or click a new image. If you need to record a video for your Instagram followers, hold the circle down.
  • If you wish to add a drawing, photo or a video already taken, use the buttons on the right side of your Instagram Page
  • Swipe to the left or right to add photo filters. There are seven options you can choose from.
  • Select the check button, and your Instagram Story is complete.

More useful tips

The following are some additional tips you can follow when you are creating an Instagram Story for your followers-

  1. Save your Instagram Story to your camera with the download option located to the right of your Story.
  2. Select Story Settings to monitor the audience that can view your Story.
  3. Improve the visual appeal of your Story by uploading Hyperlapses, photos, and Boomerangs.

Social media marketing with Instagram Stories

Therefore, with the above steps, you can create a fantastic Instagram Story for your followers. This will help you to reach out to more people as your followers will share them prompt online. Instagram Stories are ideal for all types and nature of businesses. This is why you should be creative and attract your targeted audience with a good story now and then.

Your audience will like them and look forward to reading and share your Stories. Use them for promoting and marketing your business brand wisely!

Author Bio: Graham Stones is an online marketing manager who guides small to large business houses to increase Instagram followers and promote their brand online!

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