Dog shot 50 times in the face finds a new forever home

A poor dog which was shot 50 times at point blank range with a shotgun has found a forever home after being adopted. English bull terrier Eric was left with 50 lead pellets stuck underneath his skin and in his bone.

His new owner Liz Haslam only discovered the pellets after taking him to the vets. He must have been injured at some point in Turkey before 2015, before she adopted him took him home to Britain. Ms Haslam runs a dog rehoming centre called Beds for Bullies and took Eric to the vet when the inside of his mouth swelled up. She thought that he must have an abscess, but when he was examined, vets decided to carry out an x-ray and found the pellets.

Losing his sight

The pooch is nearly blind, which is thought to be a result of his injuries. He was also found to have half a tooth from another dog stuck in his mouth. It is believed that the hound could have been forced to take part in dog fights before he was rescued.

Ms Haslam, said that his life before must have been “truly horrific,” adding that it broke her heart to think about what Eric had been through. Taking on Eric means that Ms Haslam is now caring for 14 other English bull terriers she has rescued. All of them have health or behavioural problems which could mean they would find it difficult to find homes with a family.

She found out about Eric in 2015 and managed to raise £2,500 necessary to give him his injections and bring him to her home in Norfolk. Since he has arrived, in September that year, she says she is doing her best to give him a good life, but that he is now almost blind. The shotgun pellets will have to remain lodged in his head for the duration of his life, because vets say it is too dangerous to remove them.

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