Flipkart, Amazon Launch Initiatives To Keep Workers Inspired On Sale Days

The two biggest e-commerce companies of India, Flipkart and Amazon, which are gearing up for the subsequent round of mega trades this month have launched a range of initiatives for employees. The next Great Indian Sale of Amazon has already started this week and will last for 5 Days.

The firm has set up various war rooms all over different businesses categories and functions in addition to its innermost event war room. “Each of the war room gone live from midnight of this week as we were geared up for our Prime-only trade hours,” claimed spokesperson form Amazon to the media in an interview.

At the 5-Day sale, workers frequently work for extended hours. “We have also jammed a few rooms in apartment complex of our neighborhood that the group members can utilize as sleeping quarters at the time of the sale days,” claimed the spokesperson to the media. Pressure is common at the time of the season of sales when working hours are extended. In order to battle stress, Flipkart has organized yoga sessions where trainers come at the desk and educate about postures.

Flipkart has appointed a 24×7 ambulance service and a doctor on call to make sure the safety of workers at the time of sale. The firm has also organized arcade games, midnight floor games, and sessions of cafeteria jam. “For employees, we have music sessions in order to take a break from the high-pressure atmosphere and the excitement and thrill at the office is unmatched,” claimed a spokesperson from Flipkart to the media in an emailed reply.

Amazon has arranged devoted rooms where groups meet and talks about the event. “The ambiance fits together well into our maxim of ‘work hard, have fun, make history’,” claimed the spokesperson of Amazon while speaking of the situation at the office.

These rooms have devoted food counters with juices, sandwiches, and coffee & tea. Lunch, breakfast, and dinner will also be given to employees at Amazon. A few employees of Amazon have also volunteered to host small music performances and game shows on every floors.

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