Amazon Gambles Big On Artificial Intelligence And Machines Learning

Online major Amazon, which has spent more than Rs 13,800 Crore in India, is depending greatly on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to increase up the share in the market in the nation.

Director at Amazon for machine learning, Rajeev Rastogi, claimed that both transformative techs are being utilized in various ways to enhance user experience. For example, he claimed, in addition to guiding vendors on categorization, Amazon also follows items that have huge sales at the time of holidays or festivities, and based on such features, it recommends the best deals and products that can woo users.

All of these services and products are being made in India, he claimed to the media. The Seattle-located firm shortly aims to roll out event-based offers in India. These offers will particularly be provided on events such as Diwali or Rakshabandhan. The offers are presently accessible in its U.S. market.

“Publicity is one more area where we utilize machine learning. It assists in displaying relevant promotions and advertisements to consumers on the basis of on-search queries,” claimed Rastogi to the media. “After that, on the basis of past festivals or sales, we assist vendors with the right discounts, promotions, and deals that they must be providing on a festival or event that works most excellent.” Amazon India, which began operations 4 Years back, has developed 124% each year, and in the quarter two of this year, it posted 88% growth as compared to the last year.

“Utilizing technology, we are also enhancing our list, which is the in general quality of data. At times, images of product are quite low or many attributes such as material or color are missing. In such circumstances, the platform studies the good and fills the content that consequently enhances the item search listing,” Rastogi claimed while addressing the issue to the media.

As per Rastogi, utilizing deep learning methods, there are ways of enhancing an image of low quality post analyzing it. “In the same way, if titles of product are not very explanatory, it might improve the title to make better search results,” he further added.

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