Former supermarket worker becomes the first MAN in Britain to fall pregnant

A man who was born a woman is pregnant. Hayden Cross, who used to work in Asda, has now decided he will halt his gender reassignment procedures until he gives birth.

The 20 year old found a sperm donor through social media and is now four months pregnant. He decided that he will have hsi baby before continuing with his transition, which will remove his ovaries.

He said he believed he would be a great dad. Mr Cross is currently unemployed and lives in a local authority apartment in Gloucester. Knowing he would want to become a dad, he asked the National Health Service to freeze his eggs before he finishes transitioning to become a man.

However, the NHS said that it would not pay for the £4,000 treatment. So, deciding it was his only chance to have a baby, he decided to search online for a sperm donor. Mr Cross said that he had no idea who the sperm donor was because they simply delivered it to his door in a pot. He then inseminated himself as he could not afford to go to a fertility clinic.

Would have waited

Mr Cross said that if the NHS had agreed to fund the cost of freezing his eggs then he would have waited until he was in a stable relationship before going ahead and having a baby. He is now planning to stay single while his child is young as he does not want to complicate things further. The expectant father said he did worry about how he would look while pregnant and what people would say.

Mr Cross, who is bisexual but prefers men, attended an all girl’s school in Gloucester. However, he was expelled when he was 14. He said that he did not fit in at school. Before he became pregnant, Mr Cross was undergoing NHS treatment so he can transition to a man. The treatment costs around £30,000 per patient.


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