I’m lucky to be alive, says 16 year old placed in a coma after taking ecstasy

A teenage girl says she feels lucky to have survived after she took ecstasy for the first time, and ended up being placed in a coma in a bid to save her life. Leah Robinson, 16, said she had made a huge mistake in taking the bill, after she collapsed and was bluelighted to hospital on Christmas Day.

While normal body temperature is around 37C, Leah’s fell to an extremely worrying 26C, and medics put her in a coma to try to save her, but told her parents to prepare themselves for the worst. Her frantic mother, Kerry, 35, posted an image on social media of her daughter in her hospital bed, in a heartfelt plea to other young people not to take the Class A drug.

Leah had taken the drug at a party over the festive period. But was placed in a coma the following day after collapsing. The schoolgirl, who is currently studying for her GCSEs said she knew how lucky she had been and she would not be taking drugs again the future.

No memory

She said that she had been to two friends houses and had been handed a pill at some point. After that, she says she remembers nothing until she woke up in hospital. Writing on Facebook while desperately willing her daughter to get better, Leah’s mother said she put the image up on her page to stop other children from taking the tablets.

She said she had blamed herself for Leah’s harrowing ordeal, but realised that kids do experiment, no matter how good a parent someone is. Leah and her mother now hope that what happened to her will put others off taking ecstasy. Greater Manchester Police are understood to be investigating the incident, including where the drugs could have come from which made Leah so ill.

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