India and China Can’t Destroy Each Other: Dalai Lama

“Whether you like it or not, China and India will always ‘live side by side’,” stated Dalai Lama. “And then we know that China and India, at a practical point also, neither one has the capability to devastate others.” Dalai Lama also stated that the countries have more than 3 Billion of people all together and despite the fact that they may have differences, they both share the Nalanda thoughts.

Pointing towards the strained relation between India and China in the awaken of Doklam confrontation, Tibetian religious chief Dalai Lama few days back added that both China and India have to “live peacefully side by side” and that they must work towards making a more considerate and selfless world. Whether you prefer it or not, you have to live peacefully side by side,” the Nobel Peace Prize winner added up during a communication with kids at an occasion organized by the Smile Foundation located in New Delhi. He also added that both India and China across the border have around 3 Billion natives together and despite the fact that they may have differences.

He also added Tibetans are not looking for sovereignty or partition from China but consequential autonomy and stated that he “accepted the European Union strength”. He also stated that the Nalanda school of thought and also the shared inheritance of India, Tibet, and China can help to determine the Tibetan calamity. “Several Chinese Buddhists are very enthusiastic to become skilled from Tibetan masters. And, we are not looking for partition from China. I actually have a high regard for the European, the EU strength of national independence,” he added.

Praising the linguistic and enriching assortment in India, the 81-year-old Buddhist priest also added that it is a nation that is the “most unwavering, more calm and peaceful” of the Asian countries. “Here you have North India, East India, South India and West India, different languages, different librettos, but the strength of one India, which is magnificent,” the Dalai Lama added. “It was time to believe of individual Europe and, in India you already are an individual nation.


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