Was it a fake? Viewers question validity of video showing toddler saving his twin brother after it emerges his father makes the surveillance cameras it was filmed on

A video of a little boy has gone viral over the past couple of days, after he appeared to display superhuman feats of strength by pushing a huge piece of furniture off his twin brother.

However, skeptics are now questioning whether or not the video is real. In the footage, two year old Brock Shoff can be seen clambering onto the drawer of a dress in the boys’ bedroom, before it topples on top of him. His brother, Bowdy, clambers across the top of it, trying to figure out what to do before trying to lift the furniture. When it proves too heavy, he starts to push it sideways instead, managing to get it off Brock, so he can wriggle out.

The video immediately led to a raft of media coverage, with warnings about making sure that pieces of furniture are secured to the wall. However, many social media users are questioning whether it was all a bit set up. They point towards a number of factors which have led them to believe that it was a publicity stunt, including the fact the dresser drawers were empty, that there were no adults in the room and that the camera was pointed at the piece of furniture when it happened.

How didn’t they hear?

Suspicions have also been raised as the twins’ dad Ricky works for the home monitoring firm which provided the camera equipment. Others said they could not understand how the parents would not have heard a crash as the dresser fell, or their son’s cries.

However, the twins’ parents said they had decided to share the footage because they wanted others to be aware of the dangers of heavy furniture such as this. They said it was pure coincidence that the camera had captured the footage. Neither of the boys were injured in the incident at their Utah home.


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