Are Hatchimals swearing? Parents claim must have Christmas toy has a potty mouth

Angry parents claim this Christmas’ must have toy is spewing out swear words after ‘hatching’ out. Hatchimals became almost impossible to get hold of in the run up to Christmas, with most stores selling out because their popularity.

The toy is a little interactive egg, which hatching out after a child plays with it for around 20 minutes. The bird like creature then goes through baby and toddler stages and children can talk to it. However, some parents are claiming that the £59.99 toys are saying swearwords.

Parents Nick and Sarah Galego, from British Columbia, said they noticed the little furry animal was swearing just a few days after gifting their six year old son one of the toys as a Christmas present. Nick, said: “I’m pretty sure it says “f**k me.” Sarah also says that she heard the toy swear, although because their little boy loves it so much they say they are letting him keep it.

Another parent, Kelsey Rawson said she agreed that the sound of her child’s Hatchimal seemed like swearing, also she conceeded that perhaps it was actually saying something like “hug me” or “hold me”.


However a spokesman for Spin Master, the firm which makes Hatchimals said that the toys definitely do not swear. In a statement, the company said: “Hatchimals communicate by speaking their own unique language, which is made of up of random sounds, and by making other noises, including shivering when they’re cold and snoring while they sleep.” He added that Hatchimals definitely do not swear or use any foul language.

Many parents also complained that the Hatchimals they had received did not hatch on Christmas Day, which meant that children had to manually break their eggs, rather than having the magical experience of their toy hatching. The toys are meant to hatch after being rubbed and held for around 20 minutes, but some families said they had tried for hours and nothing happened.




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