Experts Believe we will find Alien Life in 2017

Scientists are optimistic about finding alien life in 2017.  The Cassini spacecraft which is currently orbiting Saturn’s moons could, according to the scientific community discover life.  As well as the moons of Saturn, scientists are monitoring Proxima B, a planet they believe could have alien life.

The Cassini space probe left Earth in 1997 on a twenty year mission which is due to finish next year.  It has been orbiting the moons of Saturn giving scientists a close up view of the planet and her moons for the first time.

During its mission, it has made fascinating discoveries, such as a global ocean within Enceladus and liquid methane seas on Titan.  The craft is almost out of fuel and will plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere in a dramatic finale to its mission, beaming back data before it is destroyed.

Dr Simon Foster, a physicist from Imperial College London believes that 2017 could be the year we discover microbial alien life.  He told the Daily Express Newspaper, “In the past, when we thought we had discovered aliens previously, it was a new form of star called the pulsar. What’s interesting is that one of [Saturn’s] moons, Enceladus, is an icy moon and that leaves the tantalising prospect of looking for life.

“The concentration has been on Mars, and I think moons like Enceladus and Europa, there is a good prospect of finding life – microbial that is.”

He added, “We don’t know hardly anything and when we come up against something we don’t know or doesn’t fit into our current understanding, it is quite nice to say that it could be aliens, whereas a lot of it is just a phenomena that we haven’t discovered.

“Either way there is a breakthrough just around the corner.”

Scientists are also focusing on Proxima 3 and probes are currently orbiting Jupiter.

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