Los Angeles Police Department Arrest Accused Gang Member For Firing At Officers

Arrested Accused Is A Teenage Gang Member

On Tuesday, a gang member was charged for shooting at the police car of two police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department earlier on Sunday. The incident comes close on the heels of the recent killings of two officers in New York. The arrested person is named Christopher Taylor and is aged 18. He has been charged with shooting at an occupied vehicle, assault on a peace officer, and assault with a semi-automatic firearm. If convicted, he will face a life sentence in prison.

Taylor And Associate Were Firing On Rival Gang

According to the prosecution, Taylor, along with an accomplice, was firing on a car belonging to a rival gang. A squad car of the LAPD drove through the south Los Angeles intersection after sometime, and was also fired upon. The officers returned fire, though no one was injured. While Taylor was arrested, the second suspect managed to flee. Taylor was going to make a court appearance on Tuesday, with the prosecution insisting that he be held in lieu of $2 million bail. The final decision will be taken after the judge hears the case.

City Wide Alert Issued In Order To Capture The Other Shooter

The shooting in Los Angeles came within a short time of the New York incident. That is one reason the Los Angeles Police Department did not take any chances, and have promptly ordered a citywide tactical alert. Commanders were allowed to keep officers on duty beyond their shifts. Several of the city blocks had perimeters around them so the police could search the area thoroughly and flush out the perpetrators of the crime, which could have led to the death of two more police officers after the first tragic incident earlier this month.

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