Mother Dies After 2 Year Old Son Accidentally Shoots Her With Concealed Gun!

Child Took Gun From His Mother’s Purse

On Tuesday, a young mother died an unfortunate death at the hands of her infant son after the child, aged only 2, accidentally fired a gun that belonged to his mother. The gun was concealed inside the purse she was carrying, and the boy took it out inside a Wal-Mart store where they had gone shopping. The victim has been identified as Veronica Rutledge, aged 29, and is a resident of Blackfoot, Idaho. According to Kootenai County Sheriff Ben Wolfinger, “Her son was seated in the shopping cart and accessed the victim’s concealed weapon from her purse and discharged it, striking the victim.”

Veronica Rutledge Had A License For The Concealed Weapon

The gun she was carrying was not illegal, and it had a concealed weapons permit. However, one has to be very careful about the weapon that one carries around. Safety measures are especially important when children are around. In this case, the required precautions were not taken, leading to the mother’s death. A statement from the local store said that they were saddening by the incident and are fully cooperating with the authorities in the case.

Veronica Rutledge Had Three Other Children With Her

According to unconfirmed reports, Rutledge had entered the store with 3 other children apart from the 2 year old. However, there was no confirmation from the police on the presence of the other children. The shooting took place when they were in the electronic section of the store. Psychologists were pressed into service after the shooting, and assistance was given to those employees who needed it. The Wal-Martstore has been evacuated and will be closed on Wednesday as well.

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