Police In Philadelphia Shoot And Kill Man Trying To Run Them Down!

Victim Had Posted Video Threatening The Police And FBI

On Tuesday, the police in Philadelphia shot and killed a man who tried to run them down with a car. The man is also accused of posting videos online where he has threatened to kill FBI agents and the police. Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said thatthe officers thought that he was really trying to kill them, and therefore acted in self defense. Five officers were involved, and none of them were injured. The man was not identified though an unconfirmed report named him as Joseph A. Pacini, aged 52. He had tried to runa blockade that the police was manning.

Dead Man Had Arrest Warrant Against Him

Before his death, the man had an arrest warrant issued in his name for his online hate videos. Police started following him from his home in Clifton Heights. He was stopped at an intersection and was told to exit the car. Rather than doing that, he reversed and hit a police car and then aimed for the officers standing on the road. The officers open fired then,though there was no fire in retaliation. It is not known if the man had any weapon(s) on him.

Police All Over America On Edge Over Hatred Against Police

With this latest incident, fear psychosis is growing in the minds of police officers all across America. The police is on edge since Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu of the New York Police Department were killed by a crazed man named Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who then killed himself. Negativity against the police increased further after “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” protestors carried out violent protests against the court’s decision to acquit the police officers related to the Brown and Garner cases.

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